APRIL 5-11, 2022

Ages 18+ Only

    April 5th, Day 1: Arrival and travel to Turrialba Valley (Casa Turire)

    • After flying into San José, you’ll be met at the airport by your guide. You’ll then be transported to one of our base hotels in Turrialba Valley. Spend the rest of the day settling in, relaxing in a hammock, or getting to know your fellow adventurers.

    April 6th, Day 2: Angostura Paddleboard & Chocolate Tour (Ranieri’s B&B)

    • After a delicious breakfast we are going to Angostura lake where our guides and gear are going to be waiting for us for some SUP. So be ready to relax and enjoy the time. Then we’re going to visit Nortico Cacao Project, where you will learn about and experience the Cacao procedures and of course taste it. During the evening we’ll head to Sitio de Mata where we’re going to stay for two nights at Ranieri’s B&B. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

    April 7th, Day 3: Paddleboard Siquirries Lake (Ranieri’s B&B)

    • Today we are going to drive to Siquirres to a private property where you are going to appreciate an amazing lake between the mountains. So get ready to have some fun and relaxing time with the SUP. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

    April 8th, Day 4: Rafting Pacuare River (Pacuare Outdoor Center)*

    • Today, we’ll head to the Pacuare River where we will raft into our Pacuare Outdoor Center which was built using all local labor and materials from the land. National Geographic sites the Pacuare as one of the five most scenic rivers on the planet. *POC Lodge amenities, include showers, bathrooms, fully enclosed bungalows, and great views of the river and surrounding jungle.

    April 9th, Day 5: Zipline, Tarzan Swing & Nature Hike (Pacuare Outdoor Center)

    • Today you will be experiencing our infamous Tarzan Swing and Zipline course! The swing will have you swinging hundreds of feet over the river while staying attached in a harness, Rica’s of course. We have a lower platform for those interested in an adventurous swing. We’ll also be riding on our zipline, so we can experience the Pacuare River from another level.Then we’re going to hike to a beautiful waterfall where we’ll have the chance to slide in and have some fun! This is about a one hour hike and will have some vertical challenges hiking down into the canyon. At night we’ll relax and cozy up around a bonfire. (Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

    April 10th, Day 6: Whitewater Rafting thru Pacuare Canyon and Travel to Turrialba (Ranieri’s B&B)

    • Today we’ll be rafting the world famous Pacuare Canyon. We save the best for last and the scenery here is like no other place else in Costa Rica. The canyon walls rise 300ft up in straight rock and 200ft waterfalls flowing into the river as we float down the completely virgin tropical rainforest from start to finish. Then we’ll drive to Sitio de Mata Village where a Cultural dinner and Fiesta will be waiting for us! (Meals: Breakfast,  Lunch & Dinner)

    April 11th, Day 7: Fly Home!

    • After a week of adventure you’ll fly back home with a luggage full of Pura Vida (airfare is not included with this deal).

    **Airfare not included**
    Please email Bluetsup@gmail.com