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Argyle, TX
overcast clouds
Wind: 5 mph
Pressure: 1014 mb
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 7:27 am
Sunset: 7:05 pm


Paddleboarding is an exciting sport on the water. At Bluet Sup safety is our number one priority. Weather makes all the difference for an enjoyable paddling experience.


A beginner paddler will find it challenging to paddle in consistent winds 13 mph or more. Depending on the experience, the strength of the paddler, type of paddleboard, and direction of the wind, we are open. Bluet Sup closes when the winds are a consistent 15mph or higher. It is discouraged to paddleboard/Kayak in these conditions as winds can be dangerous.

If winds are 12-17mph we are open but do not recommend inexperienced paddlers or young paddlers on these breezy days. The employees have the right to refuse service to paddlers that we feel may not have the ability to paddle in winds. We ask that you please trust our experience as we want you to have a  safe, memorable & fun time.

If you are caught in the winds on your own Please follow these instructions:


  • Get low: Kneel or sit on your paddleboard.
  • Hold low on the paddle: Hold the paddle low with a firm grip.
  • Make sure your body weight is forward: Move your body forward on the board. This will stop the wind from getting to the nose of the paddleboard and the wind from getting underneath it, especially if you have a wide-rounded nose board.
  • Change your paddle stroke: A shorter, faster paddle stroke will be more effective when paddling into the wind.
  • Don’t stop paddling: When your body is all set, do not stop paddling. Always be mindful of the weather especially wind and get to the closest shore possible for help.