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Bluet SUP is a premier Stand Up Paddleboard and Kayak experience on Lake Lewisville, located at Pilot Knoll Park in Argyle. Whether you are standing up paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, or simply relaxing with family or friends, everyone at Bluet SUP will have a memorable experience.

The Dragonfly symbolism is used to indicate personal transformation and the ability to learn and adapt in life. It is a gentle reminder that the world is full of possibilities.


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Bluet Sup’s Owner and Visionary

My name is Juliet, and I love to teach people how to paddleboard, also known as SUP. My goal is to ensure that you, too, have a rewarding paddle experience so that you may enjoy the sport as much as I do and be a part of the new paddler community here in Highland Village -Denton County.

13 years ago, I discovered Stand Up Paddleboarding shortly after my mother’s passing. As I grieved for my mom, I became in love with paddleboarding, and I found acceptance and hope and came to peace with my loss while paddling on the water. It is widely believed that water is a powerful healing medium for the mind, body, and spirit, and its therapeutic properties can benefit people physically and mentally.

Juliet Urushima

Owner / Paddle Instructor
SUP Pups Kalani and Kobe


In my pursuit of paddleboarding, I raced recreationally throughout the country, including Lake Tahoe, Michigan, Minnesota, and Texas. I fell in love with the sport and want to share my passion by teaching others.

At one time in my life, I was a voluptuous woman (250 + pounds), and I was scared to venture into anything new. I wish I had found SUP back then, as this sport is perfect for those willing to try something new when you feel that you can’t. SUP can motivate and connect you with your body, mental health, and fitness goals with perseverance. We are here to help support all who want to try SUP. I want to encourage any man or woman to try Stand Up Paddleboarding. With perseverance, you CAN do it!

In addition to being an avid SUPer, I am CPR certified, I have attended several professional clinics with World Class Elite Stand Up Paddle Boarders: Candice Appleby, Anthony Vela, Chuck Patterson, Danny Ching, and Anabel Anderson.

Every year I train for the 21 mile cancer fundraising run, “Damn that Cancer,” to benefit The Flatwater Foundation. A genuinely wonderful organization provides FREE mental health therapy and support to cancer patients and their families. You can learn more about this fundraiser here. If you’d like to donate you can do so here.

Noreen Henry

Noreen Henry

SUP Instructor

About Noreen

I’m an adventurous soul. I love traveling the globe, challenging myself with different sports, and connecting with others that share my passions. While I’ve done my share of triathlons, and marathons, my latest obsession is paddle boarding. When I get on the water and paddle, my stresses of the day fade away. I’m renewed. When I can share that experience with others, including my sweet dog, it’s magic. I’m excited to be part of Bluet SUP and look forward to meeting and connecting with all of you. “Love what you do… do what you love”