Paddle Board Classes

Offered Classes

Kick start your journey quickly and safely by learning basic and advanced skills with one of our paddle board classes at Bluet SUP this summer!

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What to Expect

You will learn basic SUP skills & water safety. All equipment is provided.

For paddlers 16 and over we offer our belted Onyx M16 life vests for your usage.

What to Wear

Wear a comfortable swim suit or items
that you can swim comfortably in – nothing baggy.

What to Bring

Towel, sunscreen, water bottle, snack, and a smile!

Phones, watches, prescription glasses, sunglasses and jewelry do not float.


Beginner Class

Why Take a Beginner Class?

A Beginner SUP Class are designed for those who wants to learn technics and develop SUP skills.

Taking a lesson is about progressing quickly and maximizing the fun factor. In no time at all, Juliet, an experienced professional and qualified instructor, will get you up and paddling like a pro!

Get started on your SUP journey faster by learning some basic skills.

Within a few classes, you’ll know what to do and fall in love with the sport! Stand Up Paddleboarding is for everyone! Come prepared with a smile, a swimsuit and a desire to learn.

Our 90 minutes coaching session uses state-of-theart equipment. Bluet SUP is located on a secluded cove at Lake Lewisville, this calm water provides a peaceful learning environment.

Private Lesson

Why Take a Private Lesson?

A SUP lesson for those who want a private experience and undivided attention to your SUP goals.

Juliet brings a wealth of paddling experience that few instructors can claim. She has 11 years paddle experience with taking classes from Pro-Elite paddlers. Juliet loves to encourage all to try SUP and if you think you are too curvy for SUP, well Juliet is the best at teaching and having success with our curvy paddlers! Size does not matter!

This private lesson will build on the skills you are requiring as a beginner or improve your SUP abilities with new techniques for our advanced paddlers. The lesson will meet your specific standup paddle needs, and her undivided attention will ensure that you reach or exceed your goals. Come prepared with a smile, a swimsuit and a desire to learn.

Our 90 minute private lesson uses a variety of equipment and carbon fibers paddles. We are located on a secluded no wake cove on Lake Lewisville. This calm water provides a peaceful learning environment.

SUP Pilates

Why SUP Pilates?

SUP Pilates is a unique 60 minutes class integrates Stand Up Paddle boarding with Pilates. The class is curated and taught by Ina Lead Trainer at Highland Village Club Pilates.

The sunset and nature are your backdrops, and your SUP board is your mat in this class!

In this class you will experience resistance training, leg strengthening, muscle toning, and core exercises.

Exercising on the water presents an especially challenging challenge due to the increased amount of effort required to move. The class will end with a relaxing savasana and paddle around Bluet Cove.