SUP Pilates & Yoga on Lake Lewisville

It’s not about being good at something-it’s about being good to yourself.


A Whole New Pilates Experience

We offer SUP Pilates and yoga classes. No prior experience is required to participate. If you don’t have any prior paddle board experience we do ask you to arrive 30 minutes early for instruction.

This class will be lead by a qualified instructor. This is a beginner to intermediate level class. Modifications and advancements will be introduced to provide each student an opportunity to work at their own level. This class will focus on breath, body awareness, and alignment which will help increase core stability, improve balance, and strengthen the body.

Practicing Pilates/Yoga on a sup board (aka floating platform) encourages focus and being fully present in the moment. SUP Pilates/Yoga is different from practicing on land as it requires respect and acceptance of the water and weather, and some humility for the occasional dip in the water.

As the 2021 Summer season begins Bluet SUP offers Private Events for SUP Pilates/Yoga on the lake! Please contact us and we can be arrange the perfect event for you and your party of 5 or more, please call 214-717-2031.

All culinary requests will be provided by The Bartonville Store.

Leanne Hutcherson

Sup Yoga Instructor/ Owner of Body & Soul Wellness


Pilates Instructor

Jenn Bodnar

SUP Yoga Instructor

Classes and Rentals

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