SUP Gladiator Hybrid Fin


**Disclaimer – This fin is not compatible with 2016 and newer Starboards with 7.8″ fin boxes**

Hybrid Fin – All conditions (This is our most popular fin, as it works well everywhere)

Skill level – Beginner to Expert

This fin was designed to be the all around, all conditions fin, which is why we call it the Hybrid.  It excels in any condition you throw at it, and works really well with pretty much any board we have tried it with.  While it doesn’t track quite as good as the Elite, it still tracks better than just about any other fin out there.  While its not quite as fast (top end) as the Pro Model, it is still very fast and still pretty good from a maneuverability perspective.  If you can only afford to buy one fin, this is the one you should get.  It may not be quite as dialed in to a specific set of conditions as the other two fins, but it does very well in all conditions.