Sup Gladiator Elite Fin


Elite Fin – Extreme Tracking and Stability (best for rough water paddling)

**Disclaimer – This fin is not compatible with 2016 and newer Starboards with 7.8″ fin boxes**

Skill level – Beginner to Intermediate

It starts with the original Gladiator fin, The Elite, which these days is primarily reserved for Open Ocean, or rough water paddling.  It also adds considerable stability for paddlers with tippy boards, or just those needing a little help in that area.  The Gladiator Elite fin is considered the best tracking fin on the market, by many who have tried or purchased it.  It is a deep fin, with a lot of surface area.  While it absolutely dominates from a tracking and stability perspective, it does come at a cost.  The larger size of this fin, results in more drag than our smaller Gladiator Fins.  It is also not as maneuverable, for the same reason.  If your conditions merit it, this is still an excellent choice.  If they don’t, you might be better served with a Pro Model or Hybrid.